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From 03/18 - 04/18/21 the solo exhibition PURE PIECES takes place in the CONTEMPORARY ART GALLERY, Nienstedtener Str.2a, 22609 Hamburg, Germany. Among other pieces, a large-format MURAL will be shown at the exhibition, which you can already see above.

The dimensions of the mural correspond exactly to the dimensions of the gallerywindow. Some colors were used which also appear in the other pictures. The integration of the gallerywindow resulted in a MULTI-LAYER PICTURE, which relates to the location and the exhibition as a whole. Thanks to the large window front, the exhibition can also be viewed from the outside. In addition to the wall picture, three-dimensional pieces are shown on CANVAS AND WOOD, which represents pure colors and shapes. The works shown question what effects the social environment has on one's own actions and to what extent one's own personality influences positive development.


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