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The presentation of my artistic work takes place in three ways: 

- large-format murals

- sculptural wallobjects 

- digital works


The appropriate type of presentation is selected on the basis of the general conditions and the desired effect. The decisive factor is which content-related themes are to be conveyed. In addition, the requirements for size, flexibility and usability play a role.


Each of the three types of presentation has individual advantages, so that a wide field of work is covered. In a recognizable formal language, which is oriented towards an architectural aesthetic, topics from the areas of building culture and sustainable architecture are made tangible. In doing so, the relevance of human action for a climate and socially just future is always considered and positive action is encouraged.



Offbeat - Web - Piece 83 .jpg

The forms of the large-format murals are developed from the individual architecture and establish a reference to the socio-cultural significance.

Offbeat - Web - Piece 80-1 .jpg

In the sculptural wallobjects, the resource-saving use of materials, combined with the perception of haptics and plasticity, plays a central role. References to urban mining, circular construction and building culture themes are made tangible.

WEB - Photomontage1-COVERneu.jpg

The digital works take their place in the urban fabric and thus establish a connection to the relevance of a socially and climatically appropriate built environment. By integrating the artistic works into everyday digital life, a conscious border crossing from the digital to the real built world takes place.

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