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Michael Hennings / 1984 / Hamburg (Germany)


I make art for people who care about a climate and socially just built environment.

My name is Michael Hennings and I work under my artist name OFFBEAT at the intersection of Urban Contemporary Art and Architecture. 


Both urban art and architecture are subject areas that have accompanied me for a long time. 


The first intensive contact with urban space took place through graffiti writing. By studying architecture and working in various renowned architectural offices, I was able to deepen these impressions with a theoretical and technical knowledge and incorporate them into my artistic work.


In this environment, which is characterized by architectural themes, I have come to the conclusion that continuing to build as before is not justifiable from an ecological point of view, but also from a social and economic point of view. The fact alone that about 40% of the European greenhouse gases are caused by the building sector (construction and operation) shows that a rethinking must take place here. 


My works are directly related to building culture and sustainable architecture. They tell stories about the effect of architecture on us humans and how humans affect architecture.

At the same time, the works encourage unconventional but responsible action to create truly contemporary architecture with a positive impact for a sustainable world.



2024 - BUILT ENVIRONMENT, Projektraum PATIO, Kiel

2023 - REALIZE UTOPIA, Qvartr Gallery, Hamburg

2023 - BAUT KEINEN SCHEIß (mit Architects4Future OG Hamburg),

Hamburger Architektur Sommer, Hamburg

2023 - CIRCULAR, Galerie Stadtartist, Hannover 

2021 - PURE PIECES, Contemporary Art Gallery, Hamburg

2021 - MODERN AND NOW (w. Andreas Schlesinger), Haus Karl Schneider, Hamburg

2019 - BRUTAL MINIMAL, Galerie Brutal, Hannover

2019 - CONSTRUCTED (w. „Scek“), Altes Zollamt, Hamburg

2017 - changing exhibitions, Underpressure, Hamburg



2024 - 20 YEARS URBAN ART COTTBUS, Kunsthalle Lausitz, Cottbus

2023 - URBAN CONSTRUCTIVISM, MOM art space, Hamburg

2023 - GUILTY OF SOLIDARITY, Knust, Hamburg 

2023 - FOMO, Qvartr Gallery, Hamburg

2022 - QVARTR TOGETHER CHARITY, Qvartr Gallery, Hamburg

2022 - URBAN ART No. 19, Freiland Studio, Vienna

2022 - BEYOND SPACE (MeetFrida Foundation), Stilwerk, Berlin and Hamburg

2022 - RE MATERIAL, Bremen 

2022 - IBUG, Flöha

2022 - BAUWENDE FESTIVAL (Architects 4 Future), Atelier Gardens, Berlin

2022 - RESIDENTS & FRIENDS, Qvartr Gallery, Hamburg

2022 - ART AGAINST WAR, Qvartr Gallery, Hamburg

2021 - NOTHINGS GONNA CHANGE MY WORLD? (raum www), gr_und, Berlin

2021 - VOL. ", Galerie Gutleut, Mainz

2021 - PLATZ DES ZUSAMMENSITZENS, former public order office, Hannover

2021 - WENDEMANÖVER, Wälderhaus, Hamburg

2020 - LUNATIC FESTIVAL, Public space, Lüneburg

2020 - NOT YET DEMOLISHED, Altes Zollamt, Hamburg

2019 - MILLERNTOR GALLERY, Millerntor-Stadion, Hamburg

2019 - CREDIT EXHIBIT, Thalia Theater Probebühne, Hamburg

2019 - KULTURWOCHE ROTHENBURGSORT, Altes Zollamt, Hamburg


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