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2018 - 2020



The sculptural wall objects (pieces) represent in the pure form of artistic creation the personal language of forms. Without direct dependence on the environment, objects are created from an intuitive sketch. The moment of the sketch is initially in the foreground. However, the basis for intuition is in the experienced past. In this way, the formative influences of subconscious perception are transferred to an optically perceptible object. The series of images questions what effects the social environment has on one's own actions and to what extent there is an influence of one's own personality on it.



The sketches are turned into reality through color and construction. Colors are chosen spontaneously and according to one's own feelings. The construction of the wall object is developed in conjunction with the sketch and continued until it is ready for implementation. The working method largely corresponds to the process of how a building is erected. In an early phase, all conditions such as shape, color and construction are determined. Once this decision has been made, there is hardly any deviation from it since the picture is finished at this point and it now has to be implemented manually. As with the construction of buildings, however, challenges arise during the implementation phase that must be addressed. A solution has to be found for these challenges without losing sight of the overall work.



Recurring colors and shapes create constancy. The construction method is constantly evolving with high demands on the craftsmanship. On the assumption that personal development never ceases during lifetime, constant development takes place.

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