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HAMBURG, 2018 - 2020



After the Altes Zollamt was closed in its original use as an official seat as an old customs office with neighboring companies and forwarding agents, a use was found that avoids vacancy and allows space for creative and social work. The grounds of the old customs office in Hamburg Rothenburgsort were used for several years until the end of 2020 by creative people and social institutions such as the "Tafel Rothenburgsort". Including the adjacent land, the area covered approx. 14,000.00 square meters. It was clear from the start that it would only be available for temporary use. At the end of 2020, the last studios, workshops and rooms had to be vacated to make room for the demolition and new construction of a residential area. Such a large area at fair rental prices for creative people and social institutions was unique in Hamburg and unfortunately could not be replaced by something of the same value.



The large-format murals make direct reference to the architecture of the various buildings. This shows the variety of possible uses that were available. The images are based on the structure of the architecture. This can be seen in the painterly as well as in the conceptual implementation of the images.

In a growing city like Hamburg, living space is scarce and there is therefore a need for new, needs-based living space. Several issues can be identified in this project. Which living space helps the city? Does it make sense to dissolve a functioning quarter in favor of living space? What quality / added value for the city would result if such an area were converted into permanent use for creative and social work facilities? Who benefits from such projects? And finally, how can a solution that is acceptable to all parties be found?



The newsblog on this website can be used as a platform for a discourse.

Contributions to:



Altes Zollamt Rothenburgsort (temporary use)

Quero (future use)

Fine arts campus (future use)


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