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The forms of the large-format murals are developed from the individual architecture. Through the connection to the individual place, the pieces are related to the use of the building and thus to the socio-cultural significance. Depending on the context, for example, the rental situation or the urban development and its impact on the environment is questioned. 

The individual form of the mural thus forms a unity with the building and its significance. 


There are also repeated references to buildings that are about to be demolished. Since especially in the conversion of buildings an immense amount of CO2 can be saved, just by preserving the gray energy, the demolition of buildings is critically questioned.


These are all topics and questions that should be answered for every building or construction project. We live in a built world, so it affects us all. Therefore, decisions must be made that also reflect the will of the masses, with the intention of making a positive contribution to the future for all parts of the population.


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