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Within the exhibition "Platz des Zusammensitzens" the art object "public space" is shown.

It thematizes the usability of public space and the associated social segregation. 

The public space, supposedly accessible and usable for all people, experiences restrictions of use in various ways in a structural way. In order to make it more difficult to stay in public places, there are numerous examples of "defensive architecture". By means of seating furniture or devices specially made for this purpose, a longer stay is made more difficult or even prevented. The intention is to keep out homeless people, youth groups and poor people.

Such elements counteract the public space and support the consolidation of a two-class society. 

Defensive architecture is evident in a variety of construction methods. Benches separated into multiple seating areas to prevent people from lying down. Metal spikes on the floor to prevent homeless people from sleeping or metal studs to prevent areas from being used for skating. Furthermore, classical music is used at train stations to make a longer stay unattractive.

On the way to work or when strolling through the city, these obstacles are perceived as positive by many people, since the purpose of a relaxed / restful short stay is fulfilled. This contradiction reflects the social exclusion of individual population groups and a social segregation.



In the art object "Public Space" defensive architecture is made visible and at the same time eliminated. However, this process is not only represented in a pictorial way. For homeless people, who are most affected by such interventions, a concrete added value is to be created with the art object. The proceeds of the auction will be donated completely to the non-profit organization "Obdachlosenhilfe Hannover e.V.". 

In this way, a visibility for social problems and inequalities can be created from the metal spikes that are to prevent. In addition, from the society, which has the means to buy an art object, a contribution is made for people who try every day to meet your basic needs.

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